Difference between api/v1/org/factors and api/v1/users/:uid/factors api's

I am trying to list down all web services which can be enrolled to the okta user.
I am going through your documentation and I am land up with two different API’s api/v1/org/factors/catalog and api/v1/users/:uid/factors

Can you please clear difference between these two API’s


Hey @prasad_g_parab!

/api/v1/org/factors lists all of the factors in the org (and if it is active/configured or not) /api/v1/users/:uid/factors lists that users currently enrolled factors (the ones they can currently use) and ``/api/v1/users/:uid/factors/catalog` lists the factors the user could currently enroll in.

Does that help?

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Yes, it’s clear now.
Thanks for your help @bdemers

I was in confusion because as per your documentation
/api/v1/org/factors : Fetches a factor for the specified user. (Here I don’t see any uid so confused about which user)

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Thanks for pointing out the documentation discrepancy, I’ve logged a bug for Okta internally to fix this.