Okta MFA : All factors vs Factors to Enroll


I am trying to understand Okta MFA and factors api provided by Okta.

I came to the api List Factors to Enroll

It returns me all the factors enabled on Okta instance.

What is the sense of providing userId in the api?

Is there any configuration where we can limit the factor enrolment for Limited set of users?

If yes then Is there any api which will return all the enabled factors?

Hi there,

You can create policies in your tenant that can allow/disallow certain factors for users.
The user id is needed to see the factors allowed for a certain user.
You can’t get all the enabled factors within the tenant however there is documentation on the possible enabled factors here: https://developer.okta.com/docs/reference/api/factors/#factor-model

Hi @abroadhurst
I can see a checkbox only to enable disable actor Prompt but can’t see option to select specific factor which allow for users.

Sorry I think I meant factor enrollment Secuirty->Multifactor->FactorEnrollment