Different background and logo for individual applications


Assume there are more than one applications in a developer account (assume application1, application 2 and application 3). There will be three client ids available. Please let me know the possibility of the below
a. Is there any way we shall have three different logos for each application ?
b. If this is not possible with developer account, is this possible with enterprise account ?


For using the hosted signon widget – if you have a custom domain configured (i.e.: site.yourdomain.com), you can use a switch statement in the customized HTML to modify these values on a per-application basis.

EDIT: Careful 'tho, because you might not always know which app the user is intending to go to. For example, they might bookmark the login page, which when reloaded later won’t have the appropriate state information and present your default customization. This can be mostly fixed by setting a cookie with the client ID in it and adding that to the switch statement above.

Thanks, I will check the proposed approach

On the Okta hosted page (custom domain required) you can change the css/html based on the requested client. The huge advantage here is the simplicity in implementation, the downside is if you have a lot of apps that require massive layout changes you are moving the complexity in maintaining the look and feel in css/html.

We usually opt for a page (like google) where people know, ah yes this is my organization login page but we also encountered instances where it is not possible or not desired.

This article explains how you can achieve custom branding on an app per app basis - https://developer.okta.com/docs/guides/custom-hosted-signin/-/customization-examples/

Thanks. This is very useful link.