Customise password recovery / reset password flow for multiple applications account

I have a B2B product. It uses OKTA integration and account that has multiple applications with in it, each catering to different customers.

I want to customise following reset password flow behaviours for each customer with personal white-label and branding:

  1. Reset Password self recovery email customisation

When: Email triggered when user clicks on forgot password and sets new password.

Current: User is seeing the common email template consisting of default language and my OKTA’s images
Ideal: Every application should get their own logo in content and language also should be customisable as per application

  1. Reset password form customisation

When: When user is redirected from step 1 to the form where he/she enters new password

Current: The form logo shows my OKTA’s logo
Ideal: Show each application’s logo

  1. Post reset redirection customisation

When: On setting password from step 2.

Current: Navigating to OKTA’s dashboard
Ideal: On password setting, he/she should be redirected to custom application’s home page.

Note: I am using OKTA’s default sign in widget

Can anyone please confirm the capabilities OKTA offers for above use-cases and also direct me for possible ways that are tried and tested to come around these problems .

Hi pkothari1a,


  1. You can customize all of the email templates under Customizations → Branding. You can have different brands attached to your own URLs. I would think this is another thing you want, so the customers don’t see your Okta org URL when they are logging in. The whole sign-in widget can be branded in the same place.

  2. You can’t really do much to change the new password form content, but you can change the branding. It’s tied to the sign-in widget branding I mentioned in #1.

  3. Under Customizations → Other look for “Default Application for Sign-In Widget” and change it so the users always land at your portal.

  4. You have to use the default sign-in widget if you are doing any SSO between multiple customer apps, so your setup is on the right track. And, you don’t really want to be building monolithic apps, you should have a portal and then separate apps for things like product, profile, rewards, etc.


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