Activation / Password Reset Email Customization on Free (<1000 MAU) plan?


I am trying to build an in-brand password reset flow for our app. I am able to kick the flow off using the authentication API using the following endpoint:


Doing that sends a recover password - email to a given user. I found the template for that under oktaOrg > customization > emails & SMS.

I was under the impression that okta would allow to build a fully branded login experience (signup, login, logout, reset password) for free, as long as we are below the 1000 monthly active users limit, yet I can’t seem to customize the email templates at all. Do I need to upgrade to the 50$ a month plan, raising the MAU limit to 2500, to be able to customize these emails?

Clarification would be appreciated,

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Are you testing in a Free Trial org or a Developer Free org? If you haven’t already, I’d recommend reaching out to Okta support/your Account Manager for details about your plan.

I would like to understand if Okta is free just for Password sharing with my team, or after a while do we need to pay something? Thank you