Config custom widget login theme and logo


config custom widget login theme, logo and emails notification, for each app or group at same organization dashboard.

in my organization have two companies with a diferents theme colors and logo, we need to customize these settings for each companie, usin de same organization okta.

this is posible???


at the moment, there is no option to set specific branding per application, but it seems to become soon available with identity engine

thank you! for you reply

hi, thank you for reply.
I wanted to consult when this characteristic will be in stable version in production. To be able to use it with documentation.
Can you tell me date?

For styling the widget, you can use application context to derive the app, and dynamically configure the sign in widget configuration:

For a temporary workaround with email themes, I’ve seen folks leverage the localization on the user to send different themes for emails.

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