Disabling the default Identity provider named Developer Registration SSO

I inactivated the default Identity provider named Developer Registration SSO just to test another identity provider of git hub that I had added. Then after some time I closed the tab of the okta admin dashboard. Later when I wanted to relogin, it showed me Error code 400 bad request and also said Identity provider is not valid. Now I don’t any okta admin tab opened to again activate the identity provider.

Then I created a new domain with my github account I tried same but this time I didn’t do the mistake of closing the tab I tried it by activating deactivating the default idp several times.

What should I do now to get my previous domain back?


You can try accessing with,

This will by pass any IdP routing rules and login you with Okta as the IdP.
This assumes your admin user (or another you created) is a Okta sourced user.
If not you may need to open a support case.

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My previous domain was dev-93391039 which I want to get back. In the screenshot I just wanted to show the error first by disabling the IDP and again I turned it on from another tab, now that domain is working fine. Can you suggest me anyway to get back my dev-93391039 domain?