Display tile for an application created in a different Okta instance


I have a setup of 2 Okta instances lets call them Okta 1 and Okta 2. There is a Org2Org relationship b/w them. Okta 1 is the source (where Org2Org app is added), and Okta 2 is the target (where IdP is added).

Okta 2 also has a OIDC Application configured for SSO - lets call this SSO Application 2.

I want to create a application title to SSO application 2 in Okta 1. So when a user logs into Okta 1, they see a tile to SSO Application2, clicking on it will log them in the application via SSO.

So far, I’ve managed to get a tite displayed in Okta 1 org but it only takes them to Okta 2 dashboard

Is this possible ?

Answering here as I found the solution - In the Okta 1 (source) where the Org2Org app is added, go to Org2Org app, click on the sign on tab and add the url of the SSO application 2 in the default relay state.

Once you click on the Org2Org app in Okta 1 it will redirect to the SSO application 2 after login.

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