Endpoint idp/myaccount can't delete phone


I have an issue where the user can add a phone number and verify it.
He can challenge, verify and delete the UNVERIFIED phone.

BUT when i try to call the api with url/idp/myaccount/{phoneid} to delete, it returns me a code 200 and the phone is not deleted … i can still challenge it, but can’t delete or verify. And when i try to add the same phone number (that should be deleted) it says that the phone number already exists for the user.

Can you help me please ? It drives me crazy.


Can you make sure the DELETE request is issued by a non admin user with a valid Bearer token ?

A successful DELETE should result in a 204 status code. Do you see any logs pertaining to this event ?

I have a valid Token but i test with an admin account.

I have a successful DELETE, the result is a 204 status code.

I will try with a non admin account ASAP :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work with a non admin account.
I Add a phone, it’s in UNVERIFIED status, i delete it : it returns me a 204, but the number still here. I can challenge it, but can’t verify it or delete it.

When i add an another number, the first UNVERIFIED one is deleted.

It looks like a bug …

Hi Maiko, I have tested this and I added an UNVERIFIED phone number via the MyAccount API, and then proceeded to delete it with a successful 204 response. The number was immediately deleted without issue. If this is still a problem, I would recommend opening a support ticket so we can look at this in more depth with you.

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