Error message on redirect to okta sign in WebForms app

I keep getting this error message:
" OpenIdConnectMessage.Error was not null, indicating an error. Error: ‘unsupported_response_type’. Error_Description (may be empty): ‘The response type is not supported by the authorization server. Configured response types: [code].’. Error_Uri (may be empty): ‘error_uri is null’."

while trying to redirect to okta sign in

What response_type are you requesting in your /authorize request to Okta?

If you’re on .NET 4.x, OWIN will request response_type=id_token+code, so, if you haven’t tried it already, see if enabling “Implicit (hybrid) => Allow ID Token with implicit grant type” as an allowed “Grant type” for the application you created in Okta resolves this error.