Error SSO connector

I’m contacting you because we have an issue connecting our application using Okta SAML SSO.
As you can see in this video, we are able to login in but something goes wrong and we have a 400 error message.

Thank you

how does the SAML request look like for this authentication request?
you can use a browser extension like the SAML message decoder to log this traffic.

I have not done an integration with ITM platform but at the top of my head, it looks like the issuer is wrongly configured. The issuer is always Okta but you are using an ITM url. If you go to sign on tab on your Okta app and click on setup instructions, you will see the issuer that you need to use. Also, I think what you currently have configured as issuer on ITM needs to be added as audience uri on Okta and what you used as audience uri, needs to be in single sign on url. I am not sure on the last 2 but worth a shot.