Event Hook user login, how to get app id

Is it possible to find the app id of the application the user logged in to, or tried to access, after a user is logged in and the event hook has been triggered?
The payload of this event does not seem to expose the app id of the application the user requested.

Thank you.

The event hooks can fire when a user starts a session or attempts to login, however that will not be tied to a specific application. I don’t know of an event hook that fires for /authorization requests. I recommend looking over the following thread which deals with a very similar issue.

An alternative would be to use an inline token hook, which fires each type a token (access or id) is minted. It would have the information about the user/client app, but is run each time a token is renewed, not just at login. This hook is meant to modify tokens before they are signed which is not really your use case, and the call is synchronous.