Geographical context is null on response

Hi, I have such a problem. I’m using Okta SDK .NET 7.0.1. When I get system logs using SystemLogApi I have no data about geographical context, but this data exists on Okta portal. Most other fields are filled with correct data, but geographical context is “null”. Any ideas?
Thank you.

Which section is this missing from? My guess is that its not populated because the call is originating from a server instead of from a client-side call in a user’s browser.

Do you see the same behavior in the logs if you make the same call using Postman/Curl to the same endpoint?

Hi, sorry for the long reply.
I tried to do the same request via Postman, and the result is same. Even if I try debugging and look into RawContent in the response object, the Geographical Context object is missing. Do you need any screenshots?

What EventType/endpoint is this related to?

public IOktaCollectionClient ListLogEvents endpoint from SystemLogApi client class(I tried different endpoints, same result).
And “https://{okta-domain}/api/v1/logs” for the postman.

I’m sorry about this topic, after more investigation have find that not all logs have this property filled. Misunderstood was because of the date of logs. It works as must. Thank you for your help. Have a nice day and Happy New Year!)

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