Get application list for a given user

I have 3 okta applications. 1 is a webform (ASP.NET) and the other 2 are SPAs (React). When I call /api/v1/users/{{userid}}/appLinks or look at the MyApplications page on Okta, I only see the webform listed even though the user is a member of all three applications.

Is there anything special that I have to do so that the SPAs show up on my application lists?

Hi @McHolty

To display the applications, please navigate in your Okta administrative panel to your SPAs and, under General tab, select Login Initiated by “Either Okta or App”. This will enable “Application visibility” section which has the option to display the app to your end users’ dashboard.

That is a very odd place to put something as basic as this but that is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks @dragos!