Getting 400 -bad request after leaving company firewalls

Running the sample node.js app from personal machine works great. now running on company machine behind firewall, i am gett in a 400 bad request for the /token endpoint. I was wondering if anyone can give me any insight into why this is happening and what data is causing the request to be bad. i can provide the report uri and request id if that help to look up any problem

Good to know the sample app works on your personal machine! Are other calls to Okta successful? I’d suspect an issue with the firewall blocking Okta. Perhaps check out this article with regards to making sure Okta IP addresses are allowed.

is there a way using the report uri and request id to see exactly what went wrong? i am suspecting that something in our network corrupted the message as it was traversing the network. (I work in financial industry, so everything is looked at)