Group more than 100++


Currently I integrate the okta to my system with spring 5 and I stuck in my system which has 100++ authority and I have create 100+ group for it. When I preview token I get “The groups claim matched too many groups and must be configured to match fewer groups.”
Please advise.

Hi there,

When you say ‘100+’ do you mean the group is called ‘100+’ or it is return more than 100 groups? if it is the latter then a quick solution would be to make the group you are claiming more unique in the name.

Hi @howard

For performance, Okta can return a maximum of 100 groups in a claim. If you would like to return more, please check out Token Inline Hook feature which can inject custom claims inside a JWT generated by Okta.

Hi All,
Thanks for your reply.
Yes. My system is claim more than 100+ group on it.
About Token inline hook. I will be reading on it and try only.