Group provisioning with Push group - SCIM OKTA

I set Okta + saml app+ SCIM
I’m testing two different Okta account, due to different use-cases in each account.
when pushing group in one i’m getting the following requests flow:

  1. POST “/Groups”
  2. GET “/Groups/[the group id that will be pushed]”
    since not found
  3. PUT “/Groups/[the group id that will be pushed] for creation”

when using the second account the first request I get for the push group flow is :

1.GET “/Groups?filter=displayName eq ?”

i’m not sure in which scenarios the Get + Filter request is being send by Okta and where I define the filter param, which in this example. is “displayName”.

I saw the same behavior in provisioning users but with username field

can someone please explain?