SCIM Provisioning - group push only provisioning subset of users

A customer is trying to provision their users on our application via group push from Okta to the app. There are no errors on neither the Okta app of the customer nor in our logs but only 5% (approx) of the users are getting provisioned.

We tried with multiple different test users and still always a small portion comes through. Any suggestions to resolve this issue?

Group Push is a completely different thing - it’s a mechanism to push out group membership information into a SCIM application.

What you need to verify is - what group your SCIM application is assigned to. And if that group contains all the users which are to be provisioned into your application.

Yes, this was the first line of trouble shooting we did. The group assignment was accurate however we only got 25 of the 1000 users provisioned into the application.

do you see more than 25, when you open your application in Okta console?

Yes, when the customer opens their Okta console they have over 1000 users in the security group.

Well, if you don’t see any failed tasks, or any errors in system log at the moment when you assign a person to the application, then I’d suggest opening a ticket.

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