Okta Push Group

Is okta push group is the same as okta groups?

Hi @brijesh

Push group is a procedure to create groups in an application, using either SCIM or any other procedure (this requires a pre-integrated custom application done by Okta engineering team).

Once the groups are created inside the application, if the members of the group are also assigned to the application under Assignments tab, then the group membership is pushed to the application.

You can find out more details about this procedure here.

Thanks for your Assistance
I have a quick question regarding push groups.

we have already a feature available of group provisioning, so how push group differs from okta groups or both groups are same?
then why do we need this feature push groups?

Hi @brijesh

Okta groups are containers for users in order to manage access more easily, while push groups is a functionality to send Okta groups to target applications.


if I can assign multiple applications at a time into an application group.
then why I need of this feature Push Group?
How can I differentiate between both Please help.

Hi @brijesh

Group assignment under Assignments will just assign the users that are added in the Okta group. This is a way to easily manage access to the application.

If we are looking at the provisioning functionality, group assignment under assignment tab will only create and/or link the users present in the group with the ones in the target app.
Push group functionality is needed if want to create also the group in the target app and add the group memberships for the users added under Assignments tab.