How can I get the nonce and state once okta saml redirects?

Hello All,

I have a okta saml application, and using saml2-js I am able to create saml request url but after the login it is not setting any cookies in the browser.

I need those cookies to get the user information and token.

Usually you don’t need to go to Okta to get the information about the user, as all required information about the user can be injected into the SAML assertion during setup. SAML is different from OIDC at that. Once you receive the assertion, you parse it, validate it and uses information in it. It’s vaguely the same as obtaining id_token in OIDC.

And the cookie for Okta will be set, if you successfully authenticated, it’s just you don’t see it, as you are redirected to your application and hence is on a different site.


I am using angular as my frontend application and I am not sure how can I consume the saml response sent by the server.

Can you please guide me on that?

Hi @shipa Can you please help me with some angular code you are developing for SAML request/response calls… as I am struggling to implement the same…
Also, I had a query… are you using NodeJS as backend server… or any API as backend?
Please let me know… as I am also finding an alternative to capture SAML response or assertion from OKTA.