How Do I Configure SSO Within a .NET Application?


I’m new to Okta, and I’m currently working on a server-side application in .NET where I want to implement SSO. Until now, I have used a SDK on Github provided by Okta, and it works fine. However, I still have an issue I cannot seem to solve by searching on the internet. I want to make a settings page within my .NET application where the user will be able to enable (or disable) SSO by marking a checkbox and obviously fill in the necessary details such as the Issuer, the Metadata file and so on. Exactly like Salesforce and other enterprises have a settings page, where the user have the option to enable SSO.

Thanks in advance.


If I understand your questions correctly, you’re looking to add a setting page where the users can enter their SAML metadata.

I’ve done something similar to a multi-tenant app I’ve developed. It is straightforward to add.

Here is a basic idea.

  1. Add a page to capture the SAML metadata and save it to your database for a particular user.
  2. Add a new SAML SSO login page that accepts some identifier (typically organization id, domain, or email address), find the SAML metadata for that user, and initiate the SP login flow.
  3. Once the authentication is successful, handle the SAMLResponse from the Okta and create the session for that user.

Thank you for your help!