How do i get the user info other than firstName, lastName and email using Python

I am creating an app using the flask. I want to show all the info of user.

Hello djp. You might try using one of our tutorials:

Hi mraible. I have already tried your suggested tutorials, where only i can able to show only the firstName, lastName and email. My question is to how can i get the other information like displayName, nickName and etc as present in the profile of the user.

I came across a similar problem using a basic Okta API get of a specific users details. Eventfully I found it was only returning some of the values if they are not null or blank (though it would return null for mobilePhone and secondaryEmail).
The behavior is very inconsistent (non-deterministic by normal humans) so am not sure if this is relevant for the problem your having.
I haven’t found any mention of what the different type/categories of user profile fields might be and how this affects the response returned by API requests. I’m guessing this is might be some special feature of the application itself rather than designed behavior.

I’m seeing this same issue. The documentation lists all the things that should be part of a user. Not all those are returned when using any of the get user by or list user methods of the API.

Is there any way to get the other fields listed in the user model?

Hi @jeremycar

Are this attributes filled in the user’s profile for the user that you are calling through API?

Yes the fields I’m looking for are filled in the for the users in our org. It seems like in spite of the fact the documentation lists a bunch of fields that are part of a user most of them aren’t returned when getting or listing users.

Hi @jeremycar

Can you please open a support ticket with us at in order to have the issue further investigated by one of our Developer Support engineers?

I have a ticket open with support already, should I open one with developers@ also, maybe referencing the support one?