How do I turn off authentication in dev sandbox

My team’s application is using the okta spring boot starter and everything works great when we’re running the full application. But, during development I want to be able to send rest api requests to my service from tools such as postman without authentication. Thus far, everything I’ve tried either results in redirecting the request to attempt to authenticate using Okta (which doesn’t work since the request is not originating from a browser), or I get a not authorized error.

I’ve focused on trying to change our class extending WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter to just permit all requests unconditionally without login, but thus far I’ve been unsuccessful.

Up until now, we’ve worked around this issue by just using the application’s UI for testing, but we’re now developing a much larger application and really need to be able to test our rest api requests outside the UI.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

I think you may want to ask on Spring forum as well, as it’s your backend server requiring some prove of a request being authorized