How to Change SMS Phone Number?

Q #1 - Is it possible to change the SMS phone number after it has been set in the initial activation?

Q #2 - It looks like Postman collection “Authentication -> Enroll -> Enroll SMS Factor with New Number” can make a change

with the body like this:
“stateToken”: “{{stateToken}}”,
“factorType”: “sms”,
“provider”: “OKTA”,
“profile”: {
“phoneNumber”: “+1 111 111 1111”

However, not sure how to get the “stateToken” value.


I have the same requirement
I tried the following process:

1.Get the Factors list from the user using GET FACTORS --Extract the FactorID.
2.Delete the Existing SMS FACTOR by using DELETE FACTOR - FactorId has to be mentioned in the URL
3.Then use the {{url}}/api/v1/authn/factors?updatePhone=true
This process helped me in deleting the activated SMS factor and enrolling the SMS as MFA with updated mobile number.

Hope this helps.