How to handle an issuer transition in @okta/okta-react

We have an auth server currently using https://${subdomain}{authServerId} as the issuer in its JWTs. It is transitioning to returning https://${customDomain}/oauth2/{authServerId} at some point in the future. Currently, an OIDC loop from either URL gives tokens from the same auth server.

When using @okta/okta-react and changing to the new issuer, we see this message in the UI:
AuthSdkError: The issuer [https://${subdomain}{authServerId}] does not match [https://${customDomain}/oauth2/{authServerId}]

Is there a way to suppress this message by not validating the issuer, specifying that the token can have either issuer, or trying an OIDC connection to one auth server and falling back to the other?