How to link Import Inline hook to Profile source application (for ex, workday) in OIE instance

“User import inline hook” was not showing as an option through “Add Inline Hook” under Workflow → Inline ohoks. As per okta documentation it shall show that option - Add an inline hook | Okta
However, it is not visible for us on our tenant. We have created user Import Inline hook and registered it through API call.

Now, how to link this User Import Inline Hook with profile source application such as workday or any other authoritative source.

Okta documentation, this one User import inline hook reference | Okta Developer, mentions that we can enable import inline hook with specific application. However, we do not see that option on configured application which is enabled for provisioning and has “To Okta” configuration setup.

What might be issue here? is there any other API call that is required to enable User Import Inline Hook on profile master application in okta setup?

We raised support ticket with Okta, and they helped us enable this feature for our Okta tenant. This is resolve now.