How to set "logon initiated by" value using Terraform?

I have the below Terraform script (using a module) to create apps in our Okta instance. However, I can’t find anywhere on how to modify the “logon initiated by” value… am I missing something?

module "app" {
  source = "./modules/apps"

  label = "TruConnect"
  type = "web"
  grant_types                = ["authorization_code","implicit"]
  redirect_uris              = [""]
  response_types             = ["token", "id_token", "code"]
  auto_redirect              = "true"
  hide_web                   = "false"

As mentioned in this post, there is no way to configure the “Login initiated by” value via a public API endpoint.

There is a feature request in our Ideas portal about this that you can vote on to raise the visibility of this request to our product/engineering teams: Idea #112137

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