How to set an OAUTH app to auto launch for users after login?

Hi there, I’m trying to figure out how, via the api/terraform (if possible) or even just manually, I can enforce an app auto launching for all users that are assigned to it, after they login. Ideally the dashboard won’t open at all, but it’s tolerable if there is no way to prevent that. Additionally, I don’t want to have the users click the checkbox to ‘auto launch’, I want to set it at the application settings level.

Would you always want all of yours users logging into Okta directly to be redirected to a single specific location if there is not application context present (as in SP-initiated flows)?

If so, you should look into the Global Default Redirect Setting (this is the name it has on the Settings -> Feature tab so you can enroll in this EA feature yourself) aka Default App for Sign-In Widget (this is the name of the setting that you configure after the feature is enabled found under Settings -> Customization). This will prevent users from winding up on the Okta end user dashboard when logging into Okta directly.

Hi. In this case, I want users that are assigned to a certain OAUTH app to have them redirected to that app upon successful login, without hitting the dashboard.

For example, a workflow could be like this…

  • John is part of group-abc which grants him access to app-abc
  • app-abc is configured so that it “auto launches”
  • John logs in and is automatically redirected to app-abc