Redirect to application instead of showing okta dashboard for the user leading to error API Validation failed: appinstanceId


We have created a SPA application for users and have configured it with the okta for login. Everything works fine with the application.
We are creating the okta user without a password in Okta Dashboard Universal Directory
Okta sends an email to the user to set the password.

Once the user clicks the button it redirects to the okta page and the user sets the password . Then the user is redirected to the okta user dashboard.
Instead of showing the dashboard to the user, can it be redirected to the application after the user sets the password ?

we dont see any option in “Customisations → Other” menu to redirect the application

we were trying to implement similar requirement mentioned in this post Redirect to application instead of showing okta dashboard for the user
and followed steps mentioned in
Configure a default app for the Sign-In Widget
but it is leading to Application Validation Error: appinstanceid

would like to know if we there are any steps that we missed which caused this

Thanks Raju


Is your Okta Org a classic or OIE org?

When trying to set the default application do you get Application Validation Error: appinstanceid when you try to save the link? If so make sure the link you are trying to save is listed under Security > API > Trusted Origins and is set for redirect.

Hi Erik,

I am using Okta Identity engine and also i have added links in Trusted origin tab. Currently application that i want to redirect is on local host so i have localhost link. Not sure added it in right way as cant add path in url. Application urls redirect and trusted origin url are different because of this do you think this may be reason. Attaching SS for your reference do let mw know what is cause for this