Redirect to application instead of showing okta dashboard for the user

Hi There,

We have created a SPA application for users and have configured it with the okta for login. Everything works fine with the application.
We are creating the okta user without a password from a backend admin application.
Okta sends an email to the user to set the password.

Once the user clicks the button it redirects to the okta page and the user sets the password and security question. Then the user is redirected to the okta user dashboard.

This makes the user confused and the user does not know what to do after getting to the okta dashboard.

Instead of showing the dashboard to the user, can it be redirected to the application after the user sets the password and security question?

Will it redirect the application if we set the default application in the “Customisations → Other” menu?

Please let me know if any ideas regarding this.


Yup, if you have a single application in your org that you want to send users to if they access Okta directly (e.g. not using an SSO URL to log into a specific application), you can definitely use the “Default App for Sign-In Widget” option to prevent users from reaching the Okta Dashboard and instead route them to the app/URL of your choosing.

Thanks for the information.

Trying same but getting Api validation failed: appInstanceId error, anything that is to be done that i missed which lead to this error

When are you seeing that error? Is this when you try to configure the “Default App for Sign In Widget” setting for your org?

yes when i tried to set my application instead of Okta Dashboard for default app

Attached SS for reference.

I am also not sure about api that is being used for this checked Apps API end points

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