Redirect to Dashboard without widget

Is it possible to redirect an authenticated user directly to their dashboard? For most apps I would get a Session Token, tack it onto the end of the Embed URL, and redirect. But the dashboard doesn’t have an embed URL, so I’m kind of stuck.

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Hey @jcarroll if you’ve got a sessionToken does the user already have an okta session cookie? Can’t you just link to the dashboard?

Just opening chrome devtools shows some of the hops in the network tab. You can probably kick off an OpenID flow to land there as well. You can pass a sessionToken into the /authorize endpoint (I’d assume on your default, okta org auth server not to be confused with your default custom auth server) to get a token and a session.

Here’s an example of a request I observed at login time for my okta end user dashboard profile email okta.users.manage.self okta.internal.enduser.manage

Hope this helps

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