How to use MFA step-up authentication with okta-mobile-kotlin SDK?

We’re developing a native Android application and are using the GitHub - okta/okta-mobile-kotlin: Okta's Android Authentication SDK SDK to implement the web authentication flow (i.e. using WebAuthenticationClient). It is working well but now we’d like to gate specific actions within the app with a MFA okta request (i.e. when a critical operation is attempted to be performed an additional 2FA verification is requested before proceeding). Similar to this:

Is there a way to do this using the okta-mobile-kotlin SDK?

You could create a secondary application on your Okta dashboard which is configured with “Prompt for Factor” at “Every Sign On”. Then the user will be prompt for factor each time he reaches the critical section. You will have to use a new webAuthenticationClient object with the configuration from the second app to perform the request.

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