Implement Okta using Drupal and login without credentials in apps from Drupal dashboard

Hello All,

I need to develop a feature like that when User will click on login link in Drupal site, it will login using Okta user credentials and after login, user will redirect to Drupal dashboard page, this dashboard page will contain some links with several APPs (Github, Jira etc). When I click on any one of the App icon, It will redirected to respective App and logged-in automatically, no need to login again with user & password.

Initially, I have implemented a Drupal contributed module “openid_connect”
Using this module, I am able to login from Drupal using Okta credentials and then redirected to Drupal page.

I would love any suggestions in how to do this.

Many Thanks!

Have you established SSO between Okta and all the applications you want user to be signed in after they click on your dashboard?