Implement Single-Sign-On with Legacy Spring Web Application

Hi, I am integrating Okta Single-Sign-On with my spring web application (NO SpringBoot). I have already created the ‘BookMark App’ and Assign test account to OIDC Application.
Single-Sign-On Flows:

  1. Okta User goes to domain page ( then entering username and password)
  2. After successful login, the user redirect to Okta Dashboard and click the ‘BookMark App’ with uri ('http://localhost:8080/oktalogin")
    3*. The Spring web application’s controller (“oktalogin”) retrieve the Okta User’s info, such as email, username or some custom claim’s attribute.

I have upgrade my spring web application from 3 to 5.0.0.RELEASE
Can anyone guide me how to ONLY using spring security 5.0.0.RELEASE to do the STEP 3. so that the spring web application can retrieve the user information by the redirect link from BookMark App.
** I know BookMark app is a redirect link only but it seems attach some information via the link request. However, I don’t know how to get and use these information. Many thanks.