In InteractionCodeFlow how to flow back to previous state?

I am using the iOS Okta idx SDK. When the following is the InteractionCodeFlow remediation flow that is occurring:
identifyselect-authenticator-authenticate -Password-> challenge-authenticatorauthenticator-verification-data -Email-> challenge-authenticator

How does one make the flow go back from challenge-authenticator to authenticator-verification-data so the user can choose a different verification option?

Doing Response.cancel() takes the flow back too far, all the way to identify.

Problem solved. I made two errors.

First the flow description was wrong, the correct flow is:
identifyselect-authenticator-authenticate -Password-> challenge-authenticatorselect-authenticator-authenticate -Email-> challenge-authenticator

Second, I was looking at the wrong remediation list when in the last challenge-authenticator flow state. When in that last flow state I have three remediations avaliable. The two of interest are challenge-authenticator and select-authenticator-authenticate. Therefore, to go back in the flow just make the UI navigate back to the selection screen and use the select-authenticator-authenticate remediation.

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