Inability to Enable "Import Groups" in New App

I’m seeing an issue while trying to enable functionality for a SCIM app.

When I try to enable “Import Groups”, I’m getting a Bad Request error, with the error code being E0000020 (Illegal argument exception).

Notably, this error does NOT seem to be coming from my SCIM server, since no Groups API request ever reaches it—when I try to enable Import Groups, a “/v1/scim/v2/Users?startIndex=1&count=2” request comes through and gets a 200 reply, and that’s it. This is the same behavior that happens if I don’t have “Import Groups” enabled, and “Import Groups” is the only checkbox in the Provisioning → Integration tab that I’m not able to select.

I know that this question has been asked before (Okta Help Center (Lightning)), but I’m passing all of the RunScope tests, and my System Logs don’t reveal any errors. When I click “Test Connector Configuration”, the test is successful. I see this behavior both on existing apps and when I try to create a new app. What do I need to do to enable group imports?

Can you open a support case and ask them to verify if the feature listed in support ticket #01287644 is enabled in your org?

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to see that ticket. Can you clarify what feature you’re talking about?

Hello @Caleb were you able to resolve this issue? I do have the same issue and didn’t get any further while researching this issue.

@JefLussenburg, I had to have a ticket opened to have the SELECTIVE_APP_IMPORT_PLATFORM flag enabled.

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