Inline Hook Authentication Fields Missing for OAuth 2.0

The guide to add OAuth 2.0 to inline-hooks instructs me to select OAuth 2.0 in the Authentication section, but the only authentication fields I have available are textbox input. The step after that instructs me to select Use private key in the dropdown menu under Client Authentication, but I do not have any of those options available either. Can someone please let me know if this documentation is just outdated or if there is a way to authentication to inline hooks using OAuth 2.0?

Okta documentation snippet from link above:

Creating Inline Token Hook (looks the same for all inline hooks):

Quickly realized that it’s a new feature and I had to enable the INLINE HOOKS OAUTH feature in Settings.

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Thanks for catching that our documentation doesn’t mention that this feature is in Early Access but enable-able under Settings → Features. I’ve let our documentation team know so we can update our docs accordingly.