Integrating an app with Okta

Okta integrates with apps using a set of standard protocols (SAML, OIDC, SWA and SCIM).

If an app supports any one of these, isn’t it automatically “integratable” into Okta?

If yes, isn’t it also automatically “integratable” into any competitor of Okta that also supports these standard protocols?

If yes, then why does Okta advertise that it integrates with so many thousands of apps (isn’t that true for all competitors of Okta as well)?

Okta has pre-built integrations which you can select from their catalog. You will only need to provide your cloud tenant name, or prefix and that’s it. No need to figure out and build vanilla SAML/OIDC integrations. Also many of them have provisioning implemented, again, you would only supply api token or service account credentials.

But from a high level perspective you are right, you can build the same with any competitor. It’s just the matter of efforts required