Is there any way to show okta login page always if multiple user wants to login from single browser?

We have a case in which if user logs out, we are clearing the storage using the method provided by okta-auth-js i.e: “oktaAuth.tokenManager.clear()”. Using this method user gets logout from the Application but OKTA session is still valid. So, when user clicks on login page it directly jumps back inside the application. Is there a way to show login prompt always on click of login button so that user have the option to login via different credentials.

You can ensure the Okta login page is displayed every time, even after a user logs out, you can try configuring your application to always prompt for login.


If it is an OIDC app you can enforce login to popup by having prompt=login in the authorize call. Otherwise if it is an SAML app the equivalent query will be ForceAuthn=true [this only works for iframe pop-up not the SP login to the app.]

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