Issus related to Okta error page customization

I have couple of question related to Error pages customisation in okta

  1. I am not able to modify the error pages . It is non editable to me . what changes I am required to make it editable
  2. I want to make some changes in error page , where in I want to fetch some attribute from request and based on that I want to set the redirection page. Is it possible to do?
    Any help would be highly appreciated
  1. You need a custom domain on your Okta tenant to be able to customize the error page, info here: Customize the Okta URL and email notification domains | Okta Developer. Any customizations you add will only apply for requests being made to the custom domain, not the * domain.
  2. There’s a limit to what you can access in an error page, and attributes and request contexts are NOT available via macros. Information about what you can interact with is listed in our guide here: Customize the Okta-hosted error pages | Okta Developer