Okta UI customization

Hello everyone,

I have a new requirement in my queue, I need to customize the UI of Okta. can I know how can we achieve this is any framework required or

please shed some light over here if any docs, or guides are available to achieve the above implementation.


What aspect? The only real things you can change, at least as of this writing, are the look and feel of the widget, error pages, the end-user dashboard layout, email and SMS notification templates, and other aspects of branding (logo, colors, etc)

Thanks for the reply. My question is can we change the entire layout of the UI using any frameworks or something.
I figured out that we can customize the Error pages etc and all. but what I am expecting is the customisations other than widgets, error pages, email, and SMS logo branding.

We don’t have anything for that available out of the box, no.