Links from User api seem inconsistent

I wonder if I’m missing some rationale in the documentation for what is returned in the links part of api requests for users in various states, STAGED, PROVISIONED, DEPROVISIONED, ACTIVE. In provisioned there is a deactivate link, but in staged there isn’t. delete links are there sometimes and sometimes not. What is the logic behind this? It seems that if you are going to provide links with methods, I highly approve, they should really represent the states possible from the current state.

My goal is to be able to delete users via api but I keep getting tripped up in the state the user is in.

Strangely, if you deactive (or delete) a staged user by constructing your own link, the delete link does appear. If you then reactive the user, now it will be in the in provisioned state, the deactivate link does appear.

Why is there no disconnect method for users synced from on prem directories?