Login and logout redirect URI and initiate login uri

Hi, noob here
This is really doing my head in. No matter what values I put into these fields in the General Settings tab for my app, the logins and logouts work fine. Also everything reports correctly in the log file. I moved across from stormpath and am still using stormpath-express (which I’m trying to move away from and into the okta sign in widget). This is non urgent in the sense that everything works(!!), but urgent in the sense that it’s driving me mad. Any pointers much appreciated.

Need a little more information… How are you doing logins and logouts?

At the client level (application level) these control the behavior of the OIDC endpoints, authorized, log out, etc…

You can also have global redirects and trusted origins at the organization level (API->Trusted Origins).

It is possible you are using the widget in non-OIDC mode, and in that case, the client (application) configuration will not be used.

Thanks for responding, Tom, I will check and get back.

How would I find out if the widget is being use din non OIDC mode?
Thanks in advance

Good question!

If you are setting the clientID and the auth params you are using the widget in OIDC mode