Logout issue for Sign-out redirect URIs setting

When Sign-out redirect URIs was set to /signout-oidc, it cannot redirect to my application correctly, but when I set it to /signout-callback-oidc, it can redirect to my application correctly, can any one tell me why /signout-oidc cannot be used?


When you used /signout-callback-oidc did you have this setup as an allowed logout redirect URI in Okta?
This can be found from your applications General tab (Sign-out Redirect URIs)

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Hi erik, here is the setting:

Okta (Sign-out redirect URIs field) my app (options.SignedOutCallbackPath) redirect or not

signout-callback-oidc signout-callback-oidc Yes
abcd abcd Yes
signout-oidc signout-oidc No

I did same setting for okta and my app. Only “signout-oidc” not working, looks like okta doesn’t like “signout-oidc”