Okta OIDC Logout redirect URI gives 404


I Integrated the Okta OIDC with my node app using Okta dev portal first and it was working fine as expected for both login and logout. Please find the URIs I used for Okta dev portal app.

Okta Dev Portal Config

After that I started integrating this with the copmany Okta portal and used the same above configs(With valid base URLs of my application) and able to get successful login to the app. But when I tried to logout app gives me the 404.

I’m initiating logout from {baseUrl}/logout and it redirect to the below url and gives me the 404 for redirect URI.
Verified the Okta app logout URI is matching with the Okta client config URI
https://{baseURI}/logout?state={state-value}&id_token_hint={token-hint-value}&post_logout_redirect_uri = http://{appBaseURI}/logout/callback

Could you please help me on this issue? How come its working for dev portal Okta OIDC config and not working for company Okta portal