Looking to integrate "Push Notification" based on email input via Python

Hi there! New to the devforum community. Asking here as I couldn’t get a response over email.

Here is what I am looking to accomplish:

  • Direction on how I can programmatically send a push notification to end-user (based on email or userid as input), and receive their response (i.e. Approved/or not).
    • Input (email) -> Python CLI Code (<-> Okta API <-> User Input) -> Output (Approved/or not)
  • Any documentation towards this would be a great help!
  • Also let me know if some feature need to be enabled on my account in order for this to work.

I was told in-person by Okta rep. that there’s a Beta feature which need to be activated.

I think what I am trying to accomplish appers to be unconventional approach; where A code would use system/admin auth to validate the response of end-users.

Any resources/insight to the right direction would help. :slight_smile:

Thanks and sorry for some gibberish.


I think it is an unconventional approach however it is workable.
I recommend starting here to send the challenge:

Here you can find out if it was successful:

I’m think you need factors enabled to complete this although I’m not sure. I recommend contacting Okta support and asking about what you need enabled.