Multifactor authentication Pricing

Hi All,
We are looking at Okta as a possible solution for an online portal for which we want to enable MFA but I’m getting very confused about what the cost of MFA actually is…

At the moment we are on a free developer account (and we are not planning initially on having over 1000 logins so this will likely remain at least initially). We do however want to add MFA. According to this page MFA should cost $3 per user per month


Great - but we also get “basic” MFA built in…



Having played about with this for a while it appears that on the free account we can in fact use Google Authentication as well as some others (although have been unable to find any more info on how to set up the “Bring your own SMS” service which is especially annoying as it appears the out of the box SMS service only works with US and Canadian numbers but that is slightly by the by).

I did attempt to ask one of your sales guys in chat about the costs and options but was then quoted…


So I’m now just left very confused! All we want to know is

  1. What are the options for MFA (Free & Paid)

  2. What features do we lose by using the free variant (are there some forms of MFA that are only offered under the paid plan?)

  3. If we go with a paid option is it $3 per user per month or $20k?!

If anyone could answer this we would really appreciate it!

Okta charges on a subscription service seat basis but your account rep would quote that, The free MFA is out of the box when you setup your Org and is available. If you want a more robust MFA then you would look at Okta’s AMFA which I believe is an add on cost for AMFA.

I still don’t really get this… Is there no clear documentation on the two (or more) options for MFA with pro’s con’s and costings? At the moment I don’t feel like I can go to any of the internal decision makers and propose we spend the ~20k when (as far as I can tell) we get the same experience for end users…