Multiple redirect_uri registration

I have an environment where I test out different branches of an application. This results in multiple domains and subpaths that I think need to be registered.

  • app.test

Does each absolute path need to be registered in the apps redirect_uri list?
Do apps have limits on the number of paths that can exist?

This app is a single-page app using implicit grant to auth.

Yes, every absolute URI must be registered.

Not sure, I haven’t run into any yet :slight_smile:

Hi Mhumesf
how you resolve this issue?
I am having same issue , due to multiple CNAMES of single app.

@atifbashir We wrote a shell script that runs in our pipelines to update the okta application with full urls. It’s a little weird, the api. Our script does a get of what exists in the app. We then append new urls to that object and push it back with what exists and the new urls. We also do a diff on what exists in the application and what active branches we have. This is to clean up any branches that have been closed. Hope this helps.