.Net Core 3.0 Support

With the release of .Net Core 3.0 last week we see very little point in developing our newer applications with 2.2. We had the intent of using Okta in a new SaaS application we are developing but it appears you presently do not have a .Net Core 3 compatible package.

The existing 2.2 one does not work with 3.0 and whilst we could work around it an just set it up as just any old OAuth 2.0 provider, it sort of defeats of the point of an “easy to use out the box solution” for authorisation management.

Do you have a timeline or indication when a .Net Core 3.x set of binaries will be release for Okta?

I would suggest posting this question as an issue on the SDK’s repo. That way, the maintainers of the repo will see it and can answer your questions.