No authorization configuration available for refresh request okta

I have tried the below sample app with custom-sign-in app.

I did successfully logging with app but when I tried to get the refresh token then it crashed.

let me know how could I get the access token after hit the refresh token request and The error is “No authorization configuration available for refresh request”.

Please help me out at that particular issue…

Hi @Bhoopesh

Inside Okta >> Admin >> Applications >> OIDC application >> General tab, do you have “Refresh Token” selected for “Allowed grant types”?

Hi @dragos

Here is the screenshot of enable the check box for refresh token and It was already there.but It’s not working…

Hi @Bhoopesh

Would it be possible to open a support ticket by sending us an email to to have this issue investigated internally?

Thanks and let me send an email about this issue…